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  1. Det här får mig att tänka på en labradorvits jag hörde och det kunde ju bli till framtida hjälp i något sammanhang.

    Two guys are walking their dogs, a labrador and a chihuahua. Passing a bar the owner of the labrador says: Let’s have a beer. The other guy says: They won’t let us bring the dogs in. The first guy says: Just watch. He goes inside and orders a beer. The bartender says: Sorry, you can’t bring your dog here. – But he’s my guide dog, my seeing eye dog. – Oh, okey,. Here’s your beer. Convinced by this the chihuahua owner follows, orders a beer and gets the same response. – Sorry, no beer! – But he is my guide dog. – Yeah, right, says the bartender. A chihuahua as a guide dog? Gimme me break. – What, they gave me a chihuahua?

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