Primo Levi

![Levi](/wp-content/levi.jpg @alignright)Idag tar en gästskribent plats här under pausträdet. Det är Michal Moskow som bjuder oss ytterligare en av sina dikter:

Primo Levi et al.

Primo Levi
has killed himself
and killed for his readers
the poetry he had yet to create.

My friend
is angry that Primo Levi
has killed himself and
deprived her of his creations.

What right has he, she asks,
to do this, to take from me what
I have only now met and learned to
love, and crave yet more which will not be?

Many have died,
victims to themselves
as much as to their terrorists,
victims of the art they created

which consumed them.
For they go hand in hand,
the muse and the knife, the gas,
the noose, the blade, the gun, the end

of creation,
of poetry, of
a life which had more
to give than it could give.

What right?
The right of all of us
to make the final decision
that no one else can make for us.

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